Rene Jamison Ph.D.

Rene Jamison Ph.D.

Rene Jamison

Rene Jamison is a Clinical Associate Professor for the Pediatric Center for Child Health and Development. Her clinical interests include intervention for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, social skills training for adolescent girls with developmental disabilities, and parent training for families with young children who have a history of challenging behaviors.

Investigator, The Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training,

Bachelor of science, Psychology and sociology, Kansas State University
Master of arts, clinical/ counseling psychology, Southern Methodist University
Ed.S., psychology, University of Kansas
Ph.D., psychology, University of Kansas

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University of Kansas
Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160



Jamison, T.R. (In Press). Interpreters: Use of during test administration. Entry in the Encyclopedia of Psychological and Educational Testing: Clinical and Psychoeducational Applications. Edited by C.R. Reynolds, R. W. Kamphaus, & C. DiStefano. To be published by Oxford University Press.

J. Denton, MSN; K. Blackwell, MS. L.Waitman, PhD; A.Choudhary, MS; M. Bott, PhD; W. Brooks, PhD; A. Greiner, MD; T.R.. Jamison, PhD; S. Klaus, PhD; A. O’Brien-Ladner, MD; K. Latinis, MD; L. Aaronson, PhD; J. Burns, MD; R. Barohn, MD (in press). Frontiers research participant registry. Abstract presented at the Translational Science 2012 Conference April 18-20, in Washington, DC and will be published in the Clinical and Translational Science Journal (CTS).

Lee, S.W. & Jamison, T.R. (2005) Chapter in Handbook of Mental Health Services for Children, Adolescents, and Families. Edited by Steele, R. & Roberts, M. Published by Kluwer, NY.

Lee, S.W. & Jamison, T.R. (2003). Including the FBA process in student assistance teams: An

exploratory study of team communications and intervention selection. Journal of Educational and Consulting Psychology,14, 209-239.

Eckhardt, C. I., & Jamison, T. R. (2002). Articulated thoughts of male perpetrators of dating violence during anger arousal. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 26, 289-308.

Eckhardt, C. I., Jamison, T. R., & Watts, K. (2002). Experience and expression of anger among male perpetrators of dating violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 17, 1102-1114.

Lee, S.W. & Jamison, T.R. (2003). Working toward improvements in the student assistance team (SAT) process: A preliminary investigation incorporating functional behavioral assessment (FBA) into a structured team process. Greensboro, NC: ERIC/CAS Counseling and student services clearinghouse. (ERIC document reproduction service no. ED 475 264).


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