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Study shows adults with disabilities have challenges with insurance, despite Improvements to ACA

Expansion of the Affordable Care Act in 2014 improved access to insurance and represented gains in health care for adults with disabilities. But while those gains were documented, what wasn’t known was what challenges still existed in accessing care for that population. A new study from the University of Kansas documents the challenges adults with disabilities still face. Read more about the barriers that still exist after the ACA.


KU researchers land grant to develop eating disorder screening tool for military

Data has shown that the prevalence of eating disorders in the military is roughly the same as in general society, and two University of Kansas researchers have secured a grant from the Department of Defense to develop a screening to detect eating disorders among the nation’s soldiers and identify organizational barriers to identifying and treating them. Read more about the screening tool used to detect eating disorders in the military.

Positive behavior support begins transforming human services in Johnson County

Researchers from the University of Kansas have teamed up with corrections and social service agencies in the state’s most populous county to improve outcomes and make life better for area residents. Read more about how researchers are improving the quality of life for people who face systemic disadvantages.

Addiction treatment program for community members to expand


A free Cofrin Logan Center program that helps community members with addictions is set to expand thanks to a local grant and support from Douglas County.  Read more about the expanding addiction program.

Researchers link dietary supplement DHA to higher fat free body mass in kids

University of Kansas researchers have reported that pregnant women who consumed a supplement of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a nutrient added to U.S. infant formulas since 2002, tend to have children with higher fat-free body mass at 5 years old. Read more about the benefits of DHA.