SIS Annual Review Protocol & Validating the SIS-A for Adults with ASD

SIS Annual Review Protocol & Validating the SIS-A for Adults with ASD

This project has two strands. The purpose of SIS-A Annual Review Protocol (ARP) strand is to provide SIS-A users a means to evaluate the need for a SIS-A reassessment within a 3-year period since the most recent assessment. This strand involves completing analyses with ARPs collected during the field test, completing analyses of data collected online by APR Users, and providing technical assistance to AAIDD as they introduce the ARP to jurisdictions. The purpose of the Validating the SIS-A for Adults with ASD strand is to determine the extent to which the SIS-A is a psychometrically defensible tool for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In this strand, secondary analysis of SIS-A-Online data will be completed, and to determine the psychometric properties of the SIS-A for adults with a dual diagnosis of ASD and ID, and determine if norm scores for the dually diagnosed population are different than those for people with an intellectual disability diagnosis but no ASD diagnosis.

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