Promoting Supported Decision Making Planning for Self-Advocates and Families

Promoting Supported Decision Making Planning for Self-Advocates and Families

Years of research on self-determination has demonstrated that when people have increased opportunities to make decisions in their life, they experience better quality of life, employment, independent living outcomes. Adults with I/DD historically have had less opportunity for controlling their life and making decisions for themselves. Supported Decision Making (SDM) provides a way for adults with I/DD to make more decisions for themselves, which can lead to better outcomes. Our goal for this project is to develop a planning process that will support people with I/DD and their families to develop SDM plans based on the individual with I/DDs long-term health goals. We will accomplish this goal partner with Self-Advocate Coalition of Kansas (SACK) to combine the lived experience of SDM as currently practiced by self-advocates with the long history of self-determination research at KUCDD. The main objectives are: 1) Conduct focus groups to understand the SDM arrangements self-advocates have in place. 2) Develop a planning process based on self-advocate experience with SDM and the SDMI. 3) Conduct 2 trainings to educate self-advocates and their family members on how to use the tool to develop SDM plans.

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