Examining how exposure to metaphorical framing influences attitudes toward sociopolitical issues

Examining How Exposure to Metaphorical Framing Influences Attitudes Toward Sociopolitical Issues

People routinely encounter TV, radio and web messages that compare an abstract and complicated issues to a simpler, more concrete concept. For example, a new report that the economy veered off course compares the abstract economy to a simpler vehicle, while the headline "Banks Tighten Their Grip" compares complicated banking policies to physical grasping. The current project is based on conceptual metaphor theory, which predicts that metaphors are not simply a matter of words: rather, they are a tool of thought that people use to understand abstract concepts. It is expected that metaphorical framings are not simply interpreted as mere figures of speech, but have an important and predictable influence on how people think and feel about issues.

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Mark J. Landau, Ph.D.
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Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center
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