Educare Schools as a Platform for Bridging the Word Gap

Educare Schools as a Platform for Bridging the Word Gap

This Acceleration Project will bring together three Educare programs in partnership to demonstrate the effectiveness of implementing an evidence-based language intervention to bridge the word gap more often experienced by children from poverty backgrounds. Designed to build the capacity of early educators and parents to promote the communication opportunities and development of infants and young children, the Promoting Communication Strategies will be embedded into randomly selected Educare classrooms in two participating Educare programs (Kansas City Kansas, and West DuPage Illinois) and in community-based "Beyond the walls" initiatives in Tulsa Oklahoma, Kansas City and West DuPage.

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Dale Walker
913-321-3143, ext. 2602
Juniper Gardens Children's Project
444 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 300
Kansas City, KS 66101-2914

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