Autism Training Program

Autism Training Program

The purpose of this project was the creation of guided tutorial materials to educate consumers targeted at managers and providers regarding the role and responsibilities of the Financial Management Services (FMS) provider. Additionally, the project goal is to create a tool to provide evaluation of understanding on part of Targeted Case Managers (TCM) and FMS providers regarding their roles and responsibilities.

THE K-PASS Tool-Kit is guided tutorial material to educate consumers, targeted case managers and providers regarding the rights and responsibilities of self-directing Home and Community Based waiver services and acknowledge the information reviewed to provide verification of a basic level of understanding on the part of individuals receiving services and TCMs.

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Debra Kamps
(913) 321-3143, ext. 2603
Life Span Institute
Juniper Gardens Children's Project
444 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 300
Kansas City, KS 66101-2914