Juniper Gardens Children's Project

Juniper Gardens Children's Project

Specialist working with a mother and daughter reading a book

The Juniper Gardens Children's Project (JGCP) began in 1964 when citizens from northeast Kansas City, Kansas joined with faculty from the University of Kansas to devise solutions to specific problems in educational achievement and parenting in that low-income community. The JGCP has grown over the years from a small, community-based research initiative housed in the basement of a liquor store to a unique, internationally recognized research center which includes local and national community sites in projects and investigations housed at the Children's Campus of Kansas City, four blocks from where it began. The Children's Campus of Kansas City is a joint community initiative in Kansas City, Kansas—an effort that the JGCP has been supporting for the past decade. The JGCP is particularly recognized for its contributions to the development of effective approaches for accelerating learning and reducing classroom conduct problems in both special and general education. In 1996, the JGCP was awarded the Research Award of the International Council for Exceptional Children in recognition of its outstanding research contributions.

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