Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú

Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú

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Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú (CASP) is a nonprofit educational institution that serves children and adults with intellectual disabilities, autism and behavioral problems as well as their families and professionals from Peru and other parts of the world. Under the direction of its founder, Liliana Mayo, Ph.D., CASP is recognized and honored worldwide for its contributions as a model research, demonstration and training center. Mayo has been supported by a steady stream of KU colleagues who have volunteered as consultants, trainers and fundraisers; notably, Judith LeBlanc, who has served as CASP research director for more than 30 years, retired Life Span Director Stephen Schroeder and Carolyn Schroeder. CASP has a formal agreement with the Life Span Institute and receives much of its staff education through university faculty from the special education and applied behavioral science departments at KU.

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