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Winter 2011-12 Lifeline Newsletter University of Kansas Life Span Institute

Lifeline Online Winter 20112 Issue 109 News for the investigators, staff and Friends of the Life Span Institute


fMRI Workshop August 9-11, 2012

With KUCR/RGS and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Life Span Institute will be sponsoring a 3-day workshop on the use of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). The workshop will be led by Tor Wager of the University of Colorado-Boulder and Martin Lindquist of Columbia University. Time and place TBD. Free.  

LSI PIs and students are invited, but it is possible that space will be limited, so please let John Colombo know at your earliest convenience if you are interested in attending.


Martha Hodgesmith gets lifetime achievment award

Judy Carta addresses alma mater

Misty Goosen elected to Council for Exceptional Children


Greenwood, et al.




In her 2012 State of the University video report, Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little gave a shout-out to the Life Span Institute when she noted KU's strength in autism research as well as recognizing the work of LSI researchers Amanda Reichard and Muriel Saunders.

illustration stylized head with brain as puzzle piecesJohn Colombo and Susan Carlson continue their 10-year double-blind, randomized trial on the effects of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA on children of mothers who took a daily 600 milligram supplement while pregnant with a grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Coverage included Lawrence Journal-World and Channel 6.

Mabel Rice was first author on a Pediatric HIV/AIDs cohort study that found that children exposed to HIV before birth - regardless of whether they eventually became infected - are at high risk of language impairments and could benefit from early screening and treatment.


Reese awarded SBIR grant for wireless location system

Discovery Grant pilot project nets international journal publication

Thiemann-Bourque translates social skills research findings for practitioners

Work Group contributes to Lawrence/Douglas County community health assessment

Healthy People 2020 links to Work Group's Community Tool Box

Sack makes case for assistive technology at DOE

Walker and Bigelow share promising results with special educators

KU announces new Gerontology dual-title Ph.D.

Gerontology Center training students from Poland and Costa Rica

Glen White and student to train medical rehabilitation professionals in Peru

Brian Shrum replaces Edith Bond for IT support and purchasing