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Spring 2010 Issue 104
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KUCR veteran joins LSI

Kristi Billinger has assumed the post of LSI’s chief financial officer on January 25, succeeding Ed Zamarripa who retired in December 2009 after 40 years of service. Read full story

K-CART spring workshops are up and running

LSI’s Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training has scheduled three workshops this spring for professionals, employers and parents. Read full story and other news


External review completed

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies (RGS) reviews all free-standing research institutes at KU every five years. Read full story.


During this quarter, 12 new awards were received by LSI investigators, three times the number of new awards reported for the previous quarter. See the complete list.

Can Inner-city Residents

In an ideal world, children of working parents spend their days with loving caregivers who instinctively respond to their developmental needs. The reality: nearly half of the 11.6 million infants and toddlers in the U.S. spend 35 hours a week in child-care settings where their social and emotional development is often unsupported. Read full story.


LSI translational research: from lab to life

Some scientists conduct what's called "basic research" to answer fundamental questions that may have everyday applications in the future. Other investigators engage in "applied research," which is less concerned with fundamental scientific findings and more with direct solutions to common problems for society and individuals. Read full story and other features


Hart inteviewed for national radio show

Betty Hart, associate professor emeritus, was again called upon to talk to the media about her landmark 1995 study with Todd Risely, Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experiences of Young American Children.

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