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Lifeline Online Spring 2009 Issue 102
News for the Investigators, Staff and Friends of the Life Span Institute


Judy Carta and Charles Greenwood, Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, are collaborating with colleagues in Australia on the use of a website measurement tool developed by JGCP researchers. Read the full story.

LSI at Parsons helped organize an electronic recycling event for residents of a five-county area that saved tons of stuff from going to landfills. Read the full story.


LSI centers may now have their own “signatures” for stationery, websites and print materials. Read the full story.


Two former KU doctoral students who worked with LSI-affiliated scientists received top honors at the annual meeting of the Council for Exceptional Children. Read the full story.


Long-time Parsons Jill-of-all Trades Pat White was among the recent retirees honored by KU. Read the full story.


Six recent awards and 52 proposals submitted in the last few months explain, in part, why LSI researchers and central office staff have been burning the midnight oil. See the complete list.

A recent study by two LSI investigators in the journal Development Psychobiology recently reported that pupil size in the eyes of children may be used to identify those with Autism Spectrum Disorders earlier than the typical three years of age. Read the full story.


BarlowA new scientific society devoted to oromotor development in premature infants was officially created at a recent meeting at KU under the leadership of LSI investigator Steven Barlow. Read the full story.

The new three-story 72,000-square foot Children’s Campus in Kansas City, Kan., is starting to take shape on the corner of 5th and Minnesota Avenue. Read the full story.


A story in the Boston Globe about how we are learning more about the brains of babies quoted LSI Director John Colombo. Read the full story.

When U.S. News and World Report needed an expert for a story on the employability of teenagers with autism, they turned to LSI’s Wendy Parent. Read the full story.


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Mary-Margaret Simpson


Drew Rosdahl

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