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Lifeline Online Late Fall / Early Winter Issue 103
News for the Investigators, Staff and Friends of the Life Span Institute


Groovin' to move at Juniper Gardens

The Juniper Gardens Children's Project has launched a fundraising effort called "Move'n On Up" to support the purchase of furniture and equipment for its new quarters in the Children's Campus in downtown Kansas City, Kan. Juniper Gardens will be on the third floor of the new $15.5 million facility currently under construction on the corner of 5th Street and Minnesota Avenue. Read Full Story


Grad students receive Friends of the Life Span Institute research awards

Emily Zimmerman and Xiaoyi (Kimberly) Hu are the winners of the fifth annual Friends of the Life Span Institute Graduate Research Assistant Awards. Read Full Story


Zamarripa retires after 40 years of service; receives first Jay Turnbull Fellowship

Edward Zamarripa, LSI director of finance and administration, was honored for his 40 years of service by all four LSI directors, Richard Schiefelbusch, Stephen Schroeder, Steve Warren and John Colombo, at a November 30 reception at the Adams Alumni Center. He also was awarded the first Jay Turnbull Fellowship by Rud Turnbull, co-director of the Beach Center on Disability. Read Full Story


During this quarter, LSI investigators generated 45 new proposals and received four new grants. Two of the awards and 12, or 27 percent, of the new proposals were generated by junior investigators. Seven of the proposals, or 16 percent, came from investigators submitting for the first time through LSI. Read Full Story

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

LSI scientist studies impact of mom's wellness on baby's long-term health

It's long been known that exposure to toxic elements or disease during critical periods of fetal development can compromise a child's physical and cognitive development. Now an LSI-affiliated neuroscientist is honing in on the opposite -- how the wellness choices a pregnant woman makes can benefit the life-long health of her offspring. Read Full Story


Exercise, healthy hearts and healthy brains: LSI researchers document a vital connection

In addition to Kathleen Gustafson, several Life Span researchers are focusing on the connection between exercise and improved cognitive functioning and overall physical health in children, adults, the elderly and people with disabilities. Read Full Story


Promises kept: Autism center holds first statewide conference for families and practitioners

When it was founded in July 2008, the Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training (K-CART) vowed to widely disseminate practical knowledge backed by research to those Kansans whose lives are touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders as individuals with ASD, family members, practitioners and policy makers. Read Full Story


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