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July / August 2005

News for the investigators, staff and associates of the Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies

The Friends of the Life Span Institute are Ross and Marianna Beach, Michael Cataldo, Charles Greenwood and Judy Carta, Gregorio Diaz, Steve Fawcett and Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett, Vance and Marilyn Hall, Betty Hart, Frances and Floyd Horowitz , Todd Little and Patricia Hawley , Jim and Lee Mclean, Fred and Virginia Merrill, Bob Mirman, Terry and Judi Paul, Mabel Rice, Todd and Cheryl Risley, Richard and Ruth Schiefelbusch, Steve and Carolyn Schroeder, Joe and Rita Spradlin, John and Linda Stewart, III, Rud and Ann Turnbull, John and Patty Turner , Gary Waldron and Carol Foster, Steve Warren and Eva Horn, Mike and Kathy Wehmeyer, Glen and Nancy White, Dave and Dee Yoder, Ed and Mary Ann Zamarripa.

Editor, Karen Henry

The Life Span Institute at the University of Kansas

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LSI affiliate Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú awarded Peruvian Medal of Honor

RTCIL hosts Second Planning Meeting on Disaster Preparation and Emergency Response for People with Disabilities

RTC/IL to celebrate 25 th Anniversary October 22

Mabel Rice to receive rare ASHA honor

Jim McLean named KUMC Distinguished Alumni

Steve Warren and Marc Fey to study communication intervention with $3.7 million grant

Wendy Parent to target post-school transition of young women with disabilities in new grant

Edith Bond selected KU Unclassified Employee of the Month

2006 Gatlinburg Conference Call for Papers

October 3 is deadline for graduate students to apply for Friends of The Life Span Institute Graduate Research Assistant Award

National Expert on English language learners to speak September 26

Proseminar on Developmental Science Fall Schedule Announced

Institute Activities: Honors, Presentations, Publications, Testimony

Project Development – July/August 2005

Life Span in the News

David Ekerdt, Gerontology Center director, provided background for and was quoted in three recent national publications. In Heaven Can Wait, Ekerdt talks about “the busy ethic,” a phrase he coined that he says is the retiree’s “work ethic.” Wash

Ekerdt’s research into what he calls disbandment - or how we make decide to dispose of our possessions as we grow older and downsize – was the basis of Moving On in Military Officer magazine.

Commenting on the state of the American psyche after seeing the suffering of thousands of stranded people after Hurricane Katrina, Ekerdt observed that some react by looking for someone to be responsible. Kansas City Star

LSI affiliate Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú awarded Peruvian Medal of Honor

LSI affiliate Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú was awarded the Peruvian Congressional Medal of Honor on July 27.

Liliana Mayo, director of Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú, accepted the honor for the internationally recognized center for children and adults with developmental disabilities - the first in Peru – that she founded in 1979.

As a young teacher, Mayo started a school for children in the garage of her parent’s home in 1979 but wanted more for the families and children who came to her school: she wanted them to benefit from the state of the art disabilities research and education at the University of Kansas.

In 1985, she began an arduous but exhilarating 11-year journey to her Ph.D. and literally between Lima and Lawrence, attending KU in the spring semesters and applying what she learned at the Center during the rest of the year. Meanwhile, the Center grew and more and more of her colleagues from KU made the pilgrimage to Lima to both teach and learn.

Today the Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú serves 350 children and adults through 21 different clinical, professional and parent programs and serves as a model for programs in Perú and in eight other countries. Mayo has been supported by a steady stream of her KU colleagues - close to 300 - who have volunteered as consultants, trainers, administrators and fundraisers, notably, Judith Le Blanc, professor emerita, who serves as research director, and former Life Span Director Stephen Schroeder, professor emeritus and Carolyn Schroeder, directors of the nonprofit Annie Sullivan Enterprises, which helps raise funds for the organization.

Mayo received KU’s highest honor, the Distinguished Service Citation, in 2003, bestowed on those who have become leaders in their professions and communities. She has also received the Peruvian Professional Excellence award, the Cuban Medal of Honor and the Queen Sofia of Spain International Award.

Mayo teaches at the University Cayetano Heredia and the Catholic Pontificate University in Lima. Since 1996 she has been an honorary associate professor in KU’s Department of Applied Behavioral Science department.

RTCIL convenes Second Planning Meeting on Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response for People with Disabilities

The Research and Training Center for Independent Living (RTCIL) along with the Center for Development and Disability at the University of New Mexico and the American Association on Health and Disability jointly hosted the second planning meeting on Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response for People with Disabilities in Kansas City, Missouri July 24-26.

Thirty-three experts from state health departments, universities, emergency management offices, disability organizations and advisors convened as a working group for a two-day meeting to further develop recommendations on disaster preparedness and response for people with disabilities in the areas of education and training; increased involvement on the national, state, and local levels; establishment of a clearinghouse, and research. These recommendations will be released in early October.

The RTCIL’s Nobody Left Behind Project investigated a sample of 30 sites in the United States where a federal disaster declaration was issued for natural or man-made disasters in order to: (1) Determine if disaster plans and emergency response systems include the needs of persons with mobility impairments, (2) Evaluate surveillance systems that can identify the morbidity and mortality frequency and prevalence of persons with mobility impairments in these disasters, and (3) Identify Best Practices that meet the needs of persons with mobility impairments in hopes of preventing injuries and saving lives.

A series of reports reflecting the findings and best practices from this study will be released beginning in October and will be available at

Archives of the personal experiences of survivors with mobility limitations during recent disasters and emergency situations collected through an online survey are at

RTCIL's 25th Anniversary Celebration set for October 22

Join the Research and Training Center on Independent Living for a time of reunion, reflection and recognition on Saturday, October 22 in Lawrence.

After 25 years of work, the RTCIL has emerged as front-runner in the Independent Living movement by enhancing consumer lives through quality Independent Living research.

To commemorate its 25th Anniversary, the center is planning a celebration of its achievement, a reflection on the past, and a time for people related to its office and the movement to come together and celebrate.

Event Details and registration are at:

Prior to the dinner, the RTC/IL will be hosting a panel about the Independent Living movement in America at the Dole Institute of Politics (link: This event is free and open to the public. More information about the panel participants and specific topics of conversation will be posted closer to the event.

Mabel Rice to receive rare ASHA honor

MabelRice, Fred and Virginia Merrill Distinguished Professor of Advanced Studies will be honored with the Alfred K. Kawana Council of Editors Award at the annual convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) on November 18.

The award is given occasionally and reserved for outstanding researcher/scholars with a sustained history of exemplary publications in the ASHA journals.

Jim McLean named KUMC Distinguished Alumni

James (Jim)McLean, KU research professor emeritus who was associated with the Life Span Institute at Parsons for many years, including in the role of research director from 1976-86, was honored September 19 as the 2005 Distinguished Alumni of the Kansas City Medical Center’s Allied Health Alumni Association.

McLean is a 1959 graduate of the KU Department of Speech and Hearing. He has also served as adjunct professor of the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Department of Allied Health Sciences, School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and is a member of the Friends of the Life Span Institute along with his wife, Lee McLean, another major figure in the development of the Life Span Institute who also directed research efforts at the Parsons Center.

Steve Warren and Marc Fey to study communication intervention with $3.7 million grant

Steve Warren, LSI and MRDDRC director, and Marc Fey, professor in the hearing and speech department at the University of Kansas School of Allied Health and Paul Yoder, professor of special education at Vanderbilt University, will continue their study of prelinguistic and linguistic milieu teaching (PLMT) with a five-year $3.7 million grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

PLMT, a communication intervention for toddlers and young children with language delays, was pioneered by Warren and Yoder more than ten years ago. PLMT emulates the language development of typical toddlers, with professionals and parents encouraging the kind of intentional non-verbal and verbal requests, comments, and exchanges that precede language. Parents are trained, for example, how to solicit communication with their children through play and other activities the child shows interest in or enjoys.

The new grant will allow the researchers to test their hypothesis that more intensive PLMT will produce dramatic improvements in nonverbal and verbal communication skills. One group of children will receive 5 hours of direct intervention per week for 9 months, while the other will receive one hour a week. Both groups will be followed for an additional 6 months.

This project is also part of the Kansas Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Center NIH Grant P30 HD002528.

Wendy Parent to target post-school transition of young women with disabilities with new grant

Wendy Parent, assistant director of the Life Span’s Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities (KUCDD), is targeting the post-school transition of young people with disabilities to independent living and employment with two new grants.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Educational Equity Act program will fund a four-year $850,000 project to develop and evaluate a self-directed vocational education-to-employment model for young women with developmental disabilities (DD). Young women with DD earn less and are less likely to be employed, work full-time, and remain employed than their male counterparts.

Based on innovative and successful employment models developed by Parent, KUCDD Director Michael Wehmeyer, Assistant Research Professor Jennifer Lattimore, and others, the program will initially focus on 70 young women in 14 Kansas high schools and in year, three, extended to young women in 7 Kansas middle schools. In year four, the project will turn to teacher training and dissemination of the model more widely.

Edith Bond selected KU Unclassified Employee of the Month

Edith Bond, computer network support specialist at the Lawrence LSI, was selected KU Unclassified Employee of the Month for July (see

Edith provides technical assistance to more than 200 users, installs software, provides backup for the network administrator, creates new user accounts and communicates with Networking and Telecommunications Services.

And, as her supervisor Janet Marquis puts it, she does her job with a willingness to do whatever she can to make sure that LSI technology needs are met and met in way that is as friendly and supportive as possible.

Edith has taken on several projects that are above and beyond her typical duties with gusto including researching specialized technology-related products needed by LSI investigators, negotiating with vendors for products not on state contracts, and assisting in network administration. Most recently, she came in to help when the server crashed (a real crisis), even though she was on vacation.

Congratulations to Edith, one of the pillars of the LSI!

2006 Gatlinburg Conference Call for Papers

The 39 th Gatlinburg Conference on Research and Theory in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities will be held in San Diego, Wednesday, March 15- 17, 2006 (

The theme of this year’s conference is Risk and Protective Factors in Developmental Disabilities: The Role of Environment and Culture.

The call for papers is detailed at: The firm deadline for submitting papers is NOVEMBER 1.

The Gatlinburg Conference on Research and Theory in Mental Retardation in Developmental Disabilities was established in the 1960's as a forum for the exchange of scientific findings and as a mechanism to promote scientific networking. The overall aims of the conference are to promote exchange of information regarding the latest findings in behavioral and biobehavioral research on the causes, prevention and interventions for mental retardation and related developmental disabilities; to further our understanding of the manifestations of those disabilities; to better characterize the contexts in which people with disabilities and their families live; to promote collaboration among behavioral scientists; and to provide a major training resource for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and other junior scientists entering the field of mental retardation research.

October 3 deadline to apply for Friends of The Life Span Institute Graduate Research Assistant Award

Purpose The purpose of this award is to recognize annually an outstanding graduate research assistant who is affiliated with a Life Span Institute project. The Friends of the Life Span Institute fund the award on an annual basis. The amount of the award is $1,500.00. These funds are to be used to support the student’s research and professional development.

Award Criteria The applicant must be a KU doctoral student in good standing and be presently affiliated with a Life Span Institute project associated with any of the LSI centers (i.e. The Kansas Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Center; the KU Center on Developmental Disabilities; The Life Span Institute at Parsons; The Juniper Gardens Children’s Project; the Beach Center on Disability; the Research and Training Center in Independent Living; The Gerontology Center; the Biobehavioral Neurosciences in Communication Disorders Center; the Child Language Doctoral Program; the Work Group on Health Promotion and Community Development; the Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management). The award is specifically given in recognition of the potential of the student’s research/scholarship to contribute important new scientific knowledge relevant to meeting the challenges of human and community development, disability, or aging.

Application Process Interested graduate students should submit the following materials.

1. A letter of application no more than two pages describing your short and long term career goals as well as the focus of your current research.

2. A vita

3. Two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from your major professor.

These materials need to be submitted by October 3, 2005, in care of Rachel Larsen, The Life Span Institute, 1052 Dole Human Development Center. Questions about the review process should also be addressed to Rachel via email at or phone 864-1997.

Review Process Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of current Friends of the Life Span Institute. Friends members who have a current affiliation with any of Life Span Institute center or project will be excluded. The recipient of this award will be invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the Friends group.

National Expert on English language learners to speak September 26

The Center for Research on Learning is sponsoring a presentation on English language learners by Diane August from the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, D.C Monday, September 26, 9-10:30 a.m. in Joseph R. Pearson Hall, 1122 W. Campus Road.

Diane August is a senior research scientist at the Center for Applied Linguistics as well as an educational consultant. She is also the staff director for the National Literacy Panel on Language Minority Children and Youth. Dr. August has also been a senior program officer at the National Academy of Sciences and study director for the Committee on Developing a Research Agenda on the Education of Limited English Proficient and Bilingual Students. She was a public school teacher and school administrator in California. Subsequently, she served as legislative assistant in the area of education for a U.S. Congressman from California, worked as a Grants Officer for the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and was director of education for the Children's Defense Fund. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles, reports, and book s on issues of literacy, bilingual education and the education of language minority youth. She received her Ph.D. in education from Stanford University, and completed a post-doctorate fellowship in psychology, also at Stanford.

Proseminar on Developmental Science Fall 2005 Schedule

Meeting time and location: Fridays, 12:00-1:30, Fraser 537

August 19 Orientation meeting

September 2 Kelly McNamara , Department of Psychology
Social Behavior and Friendships of Children Treated for Pediatric Brain Tumors

September 16 Neil Salkind, Department of Psychology and Research in Education
Now for Some Real Fun: Writing and Publishing Text and Scholarly Books in the Social and Behavior Sciences

October 7 John Colombo, Department of Psychology
Transient Effects in Development

October 21 Noel Card, Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies
Identifying distinct patterns of growth and adjustment correlates of instrumental and reactive aggression

November 4 Rick Ingram, Department of Psychology

November 18 TBA

December 2 Eric Vernberg, Clinical Child Psychology Program

Institute Activities


Michael Wehmeyer has been appointed editor-in-chief of the journal, Remedial and Special Education, published by PRO-ED.

Martha Hodgesmith was awarded the "Jennie Mitchell Kellogg" Attorney of Achievement Award by the Kansas Women Attorneys Association at their 16th Annual Conference in Lindsborg, Kansas on July 22, 2005. This award, created in 1999, recognizes an attorney's professional excellence and commitment to service. Among past Award winners are Kansas Supreme Court Justice Marla Luckert, and Lori Callahan, National Manager of Liability Claims for Allianz Australia Limited.

Steve Fawcett was recently named a Kansas Health Foundation Fellow. Along with other members of the 2005-2006 class, he participated in a weeklong leadership training institute (Aug 1-5) at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs.

RashidaBanerjee, a Special Education doctoral student and GRA on the Children’s School Success grant directed by Eva Horn, was named one of the KU Women of Distinction and appears on the calendar recently released by KU.

Kansans Mobilizing for Direct Support Workforce Change, directed by Kathleen Olson and Patricia Black Moore, has been selected as a finalist for the 2005 Moving Mountains Award. This national award recognizes best practice initiatives designed to improve competence, status, compensation, and stability of direct support staff who work with people with developmental disabilities. Turnover of staff is unacceptably high. Kansas, with an average annual turnover rate of over 50%, shares a problem seen nationally. KMFC has been successful in introducing systemic solutions to direct support workforce challenges in Kansas. Among the outcomes, is a 15% decrease in staff turnover and increased training opportunities for direct support staff and supervisors. The Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities funded the project initially.


Catts , H. & Kamhi, A. (2005, 2nd edition) (Eds.). Language and reading disabilities. Needham Hts., MA: Allyn Bacon.

Catts , H. & Kamhi, A. (2005) (Eds.). The connections between language and reading disabilities. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

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Saunders, R. R., McEntee, J. E., & Saunders, M. D. (2005). Interaction of reinforcement schedules, a behavioral prosthesis, and work-related behavior in adults with mental retardation. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 38, 163-176.

Wehmeyer, M. and Agran, M., co-editors, Mental Retardation and Intellectual Disabilities: Teaching Students with Innovative and Research-Based Strategies, Prentice Hall, 2006.,1144,0131701576,00.html


Rafael Bejarano, & Dean C. Williams. Effect of Response-Timeout Contingencies Under Controlled Probability of Timeout Presentations, 31st Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis. Chicago

Catts , H., Adlof, S., & Barth, A. (2005, February). The nature of fluency and relationship to reading Comprehension. Paper presented at the annual Pacific Coast Research Conference, San Diego, CA.

Sittner, M., Catts , H., Slegars, D., Taylor, P., & Francis, D. (2005, June). Individual differences in growth in reading achievement: An application of growth mixture modeling. Poster presented at the annual conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, Toronto, Canada.

Adlof, S., Catts , H., Hogan, T., & Little, T. (2005, June). The role of fluency in reading comprehension: Should fluency be included in the Simple View? Poster presented at the annual conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, Toronto, Canada.

Catts , H., Schatschneider, C. & Justice, L. (2005, July). Early identification of reading disabilities. Symposium presented at the IDA Summer Institute on Research to Practice: Advances in Reading and Literacy.

Cress, P. J. (2005, July). IT in education accessibility checklist: A resource for including all students. Presentation to the Mid-America Technology Institute conference, Overland Park, KS. (Presentation given twice.)

Cress, P. J. (2005, May). Web resources for accessible information technology. Presentation to the National Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Symposium, Overland Park, KS.

Adam H. Doughty, Dean C. Williams, & Michael Perone. Experimenter-Imposed Delays Attenuate Disruptive Effects of Negative-Incentive Shifts in Humans, 31st Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis. Chicago

Adam H. Doughty, S. P. Da Silva, & K. A. Lattal. Differential resurgence and response elimination, 31st Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis. Chicago

Issues in Aversive Control: Spanning the Basic-to-Applied Continuum
Chair: Adam H. Doughty
Discussant: Joseph E. Spradlin

Stimulus Control and Punishment: A Critical Review of the Literature.
Jennifer O'Donnell, Adam H. Doughty, Shannon S. Doughty, Kathryn J. Saunders, & Dean C. Williams.

Fiscus, J., Heying, K., Gottesman, J., & Reynolds, A. (2005, June). Using infant toddler specialist to improve the quality of care for babies and toddlers. Panel presentation at the 9 th Annual Birth to Three Institute, Washington, DC.

Martha Hodgesmith was a co-presenter at the National Council on Independent Living Conference in Washington, D.C. July 12, 2005. Shari Coatney, CEO of Southeast Kansas Independent Living SKIL, and Chris Owens, Executive Director of Prairie Independent Living Resource Center (PILR) joined Hodgesmith in presenting "Transforming Communities: The Economic and Quality of Life Impact of CIL's

Martha Hodgesmith was a co-presenter at the Kansas Women Attorneys Association 16th Annual Conference in Lindsborg, Kansas, July 23, 2005. Martha and Mary Beth Blake of the law firm of Polsinelli, Shalton, Welte, Suelthaus PC presented on Advance Directives.

Susan Kemper gave an invited address to the International Association of Applied Linguistics at Madison, WI on "Floor and Ceiling Constraints on Language Production by Older Adults" as part of a panel on Language and Aging.

Dot Nary and Martha Hodgesmith supported an exhibit table at the National Council on Independent Living Conference in Washington, D.C., July 11-14, 2005. The Exhibit featured a variety of products produced by the Research and Training Center on Independent Living.

International Symposium: Minimal Verbal Units Control in Reading : What We Know So Far
Chair: Martha Hübner (USP)
Discussant: Deisy de Souza (UFSCAR)

Developing Prerequisites for Reading and Spelling in Adults with Mental Retardation.Katherine L. Stewart, Monika Suchowierska, & Kathryn Saunders (University of Kansas )

Glen White was the Leader of the IL Working Group convened in Washington DC. July 7-8, 2005. The IL Working Group effort was accomplished with the involvement of KU RTC/IL staff Martha Hodgesmith, Dot Nary, and Pam Willits and disability leaders from across the country.

Dean C. Williams, Adam H. Doughty, Kathryn J. Saunders, & Michael Perone. Local Determinates of FR Pause Duration in Multiple Schedules, 31st Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis. Chicago


Houghton , J. (2005). Indiana State Department of Education, Special Education with Indiana Deafblind Services Project, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN. Teachers in Hard Hats: (Module 2) Introduction to Learners with Vision Losses and/or Blindness [Online].

Houghton , J. (2005). Indiana State Department of Education, Special Education with Indiana Deaf blind Services Project, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN. Teachers in Hard Hats: (Module 3) Introduction to Learners who Are Hard of Hearing and/or Deafness [Online].

Poff, L., Houghton , J., Goehl, K., & Bailey, B. R. (2005). Indiana State Department of Education, Special Education with Indiana Deafblind Services Project, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN. Teachers in Hard Hats: (Module 5) Collaboration for Achieving Travel Success [Online].

Consultation, Professional Service, Technical Assistance

Houghton , J. (2005). Invited Reviewer for Programs with Industry Grants, Office of Education and Rehabilitation. Houghton, J. (2005). Invited Reviewer for Stepping Stones Grants, Office of Special Education Programs.

Houghton , J. (2005). Invited Evaluator/Scorer for The SAT Writing Samples, Pearson Assessment Incorporated, Iowa City, IA.

Houghton , J. (2005). Head Evaluator for Chase Middle School Comprehensive School Reform Grant, Topeka USD 501, Topeka, Kansas awarded by the Kansas State Department of Education.

Central Office News and Announcements

Project Development

Paul Diedrich, Associate Director for Project Development

Past Submissions not Previously Reported

1. Beverly Graham and Jerry Schultz submitted a one-year proposal “Allen County Community Health Assessment and Action Planning Process” to the Reach Healthcare Foundation on May 27, 2005.

2. Jerry Schultz and Stephen Fawcett submitted their fourth-year continuation “Community Monitoring Documentation System” to Kansas SRS on July 25, 2005.

3. Debra Kamps, Howard Wills, Gregory Hanley, Rachel Thompson, and Charlie Greenwood submitted a new, four year proposal “Class-wide Function-Based Intervention Teams: A Research to Practice Agenda for Functional Behavior Assessment for Students with and At Risk for Serious Behavior Disorders” to the USDE-IES on July 28, 2005.

4. Wayne Sailor submitted a new, three year proposal “Initial Effects of a Fully Integrated Structural School Reform Model on Academic and Social Outcomes for a Multicultural, Inner-City Population: Pre-K to Grade 8” to the USDE-IES on July 28, 2005.

5. Todd Little submitted a new, four-year subcontract proposal “Behavior, Expressive and Receptive Language Intervention (B-ERLI) Project” to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (prime contractor to USDE-IES) on July 28, 2005.

6. Ric Steele, and Ann McGrath Davis (KUMC) resubmitted his five-year proposal “Effectiveness of a Treatment for Pediatric Obesity” to HHS on July 29, 2005.

7. Ann Turnbull, and Rud Turnbull submitted their second year, non-competing continuation “RRTC on Policies Affecting Children with Disabilities-Beach IV” to USDE on August 1, 2005.

8. Mary Abbott, and Jay Buzhardt submitted a new, three-year proposal “Final Development of the Language Arts Multisensory Program (LAMP): Creating an Online Teacher Training and Further Evaluating the Effects on the Literacy Outcomes of Students who are “Unresponsive” to Conventional Forms of Literacy Instruction” to USDE-IES on August 4, 2005.

9. Diane Loeb and Deborah Daniels (KUMC) submitted a new, two-year proposal “Development of a Culturally-Based Language and Vocabulary Intervention for Elementary School Children with Language Impairments and Children who are at High Risk for Developing Learning Disabilities” to USDE-IES on August 4, 2005

10. Kate Saunders submitted a new, three-year proposal “Computerized Instruction of Prerequisite Skills for Success in Early Reading Instruction” to USDE-IES on August 4, 2005.

11. Todd Little submitted a new, four-year subcontract proposal “Access the Effects of a Supplementary Prereading Intervention on the Literacy Skills of Preschool Children at Risk for Developing Reading Disabilities” to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (prime contractor to USDE-IES on August 4, 2005.

12. Deb Kamps submitted her third-year, subcontract continuation “Center for Early Intervention in Reading and Behavior-Tracking Sample Assessment” to the University of Wisconsin (prime contractor to DE/OSERS) on August 12, 2005.

Upcoming Submissions

1. Sara Sack and Sheila Simmons are submitting a new three-year, proposal “Kansas State Plan for Assistive Technology” which will replace the “Assistive Technology for Kansans Project (funded by DE/OSERS/NIDRR) to DE/OSERS/RSA on August 26, 2005.

New Awards (not previously funded) Information

1. David Lindeman received a new 19-month award “Geary County Infant/Toddler Training” from the Geary County School District, which began June 1, 2005.

2. Todd Little received a new one-year award “TEVA Service Agreement” from TEVA Neurosciences, Inc., which began June 1, 2005.

Comments and questions to:

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