Lifeline Online
Spring 2011 Issue 107
News for the Investigators, Staff and Friends of the Life Span Institute


Rud Turnbull honored with Council for Exceptional Children lifetime award

Johnson on findings showing up to 10-year decline before Alzheimer's Disease

Hodgesmith named to Kansas court’s blue ribbon commission

Barlow profiled in Lawrence Magazine

Kemper on memory and aging

Vitevitch on bilingualism

KU Work Group's global competition awards Kenyan groups


K-CART announces KU intramural autism pilot grants competition

New 3T MRI for Hoglund Center to facilitate studies of obese individuals, children and elderly

Carta sworn in to National Advisory Committee on Head Start Research and Evaluation

K-CART first 3-year report hot off the press

Walker testifies in support of Early Head Start

KU Work Group named CDC REACH CORE program

RTCIL Howland's work featured in CDC annual report

Vitevitch takes science to the saloon

More than 1100 virtually attend CASP international conference on autism

Ekerdt 2011 Chair of Gerontological Society section

Nary represents Disability Section at APHA meeting

Living Well with a Disability participants impress CDC visitors

Juniper Gardens: Bedrock principles written in sand


Six LSI affiliated researchers advance


First quarter awards


brain illustration half of it as It's our brain's slower processing speed, more than memory, that causes communication problems as we age, Kemper finds.

Susan Kemper
illustration of brain

Vitevitch says bilingualism probably no big deal for brain.

Michael Vitevitch, Ph.D.




Karen Henry

Mary-Margaret Simpson
Valerie Renault
Christina Holt
Miguel Morales
Paul Diedrich