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Lifeline Online
Fall 2010 Issue 106
News for the Investigators, Staff and Friends of the Life Span Institute


Autism and community participation among people with disabilities were among the topics at recent LSI-sponsored events. Read more about LSI's fall community and scientific conferences.

Friends of LSI announce the 2010 winners of its annual Graduate Research Awards competition. Read story and more news stories.


The Beach Center on Disability, KU, Lawrence and the state of Kansas lose a man whose generosity and commitment made a lasting stamp on the work of LSI
-- Ross Beach. Read story.

Dedicated LSI accountant Jan Grady retires. Read story and more milestones.


Nine new awards to LSI investigators include grants from the Department of
Education and the National Institute of Communication and Hearing
Disorders.See the complete list.

New objective screen for autism?

One of the most fundamental skills needed throughout the life span – the ability to read – remains one of the most elusive competencies for many children to master. Scientists at the Life Span Institute are working, individually and collaboratively, to uncover the complexities of reading for school-aged children and identify critical building blocks for reading that should be in place before kindergarten for the ability to read to read later. Read full story.


Research in early literacy instruction shows promise for at-risk children

Mary Abbott, associate research professor at the Juniper Gardens Project, is finishing up a three-year federally funded project to improve early literacy instruction in preschools. She and her collaborators studied the effectiveness of intensive instruction to improve phonological awareness (understanding the sounds of language), alphabet knowledge and oral language in children ages 3-5.

Read full story and other features


Mary-Margaret Simpson
Karen Henry


Paul Diedrich
Drew Rosdahl
Valerie Renault

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