Johnson County Juvenile Corrections OWPBS Project

Johnson County Juvenile Corrections OWPBS Project

The Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support (KIPBS) has adapted the School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) implementation procedures and tools based on previous KIPBS organization and community-wide PBS research and activities with Kansas community mental health, psychiatric residential treatment, juvenile detention, intellectual disability, and other human service providers. In Johnson County, KIPBS is collaborating with county leadership and key organizations, to implement both county-wide PBS (CWPBS) and Organization-wide PBS (OWPBS) within facilities charged with supporting marginalized youth and adults who require significant behavioral health supports. CWPBS and OWPBS procedures and tools, at the intensive, targeted, and intensive tiers, are being piloted and evaluated within various organizations, systems, and at the county level. KIPBS is evaluating the effectiveness of implementation by utilizing a mixed method research design. Surveys, interviews, and focus groups provide details related to perceptions of professionals and other stakeholder. CWPBS and OWPBS assessments and related outcome information provide quantitative data needed to evaluate impact of implementation at the intensive, targeted, and universal levels. Using mixed method procedures, KIPBS researchers will analyze the effectiveness of the CWPBS as a means to increase the likelihood youth and adults with significant behavioral health needs can be supported inclusively in their homes and communities versus within restrictive, non-inclusive settings. Additionally, analysis will occur regarding the effectiveness of OWPBS in reducing the number of restrictive practices and length of stay within behavioral health and correction facilities. KIPBS will also be evaluating the impact CWPBS and OWPBS has on the quality of life of Johnson County youth and adults. 

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Jennifer A. Kurth, Ph.D.
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